Behind every dream is the dreamer.

In 2018, ANVI Studios began from our founder/creative director, who spent over a decade living in both Eastern and Western world, and got an inspiration from contrasting two different culture to launch the brand.

ANVI Studios was created with the core value of connecting individuals regardless of gender, race or nationality. We believe creativity, humbleness and love can bring us together. 

We want to create jewelry designs that express your personal style in your own way.

ANVI Studios creates contemporary fine and fashion jewelry designs that are driven by the Brand’s perspective on the essence and values on life, love and the world. We love to work on letters, zodiacs, and gem stones pieces that can demonstrate unique individualities. We are passionate about bringing the pieces that let your creativity, individuality, and confidence run free.

What we work hard for.

Coming from two generations in the jewelry industry, our founder wants to create jewelry pieces to last using high quality, sustainable, and responsibly sourced materials. 

Using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, our jewelries are made and designed in-house with certified sourced zirconia, pearls, diamonds, 14 karat gold, and recycled 925 sterling silver.