How do we work toward a better industry?

When it comes to producing jewelry, ANVI studios embraces a mindful, creative process. It is our commitment to continuously improving our sourcing and manufacturing in an ethical and sustainable manner.

So how did we do it?


We introduced the silver recycling program for the first time. All excess silver materials from production are recycled through an eco-friendly process. With recycled sterling silver as the main material, we launched our very first collection.


By June, all of our sterling silver pieces are certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) as 100% recycled sterling silver.


Certified sourced Lab-Grown Diamonds are implemented into our new fine jewelry styles.


Convert 100% of our materials into certified, responsibly-sourced materials.

We want to create jewelry pieces that are kind to your skin and the planet.

Recycled Sterling Silver

  • We are committed to protecting the environment while creating beautiful jewelry you can be proud to wear. This is the very reason we use 100% recycled sterling silver in all our pieces.
  • To produce recycled sterling silver, scrap silver is sourced from various places, and then refined and made into new pieces.
  • In terms of purity, workability, and durability, recycled sterling silver is NO different in quality to sterling silver.

Certified Sources:

All of our sterling silver is 100% recycled and certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). It’s able to be repeatedly reused without losing  quality or harming the environment.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

  • We have implemented an impact-sourcing commitment by converting our mined diamonds into certified lab-grown diamonds
  • By using lab-grown diamonds, we refrain from unfair labor practices, violence, and human rights violations – known as blood diamonds.
  • Now, 80% of our new 14k solid gold styles use lab-grown diamonds.